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How To Convert mp4 to mp3 Vice Versa without any application

Hey, do you know you can actually convert mp4 to mp3 verse versa easily using no application, yes is possible,. So after reading this post your search for :
How to convert mp4 to mp3How to convert mp3 to mp4How to convert video to audio Or whatever queries you type in to arrive here will glad you because here is the last bust stop to your questions.
So let move on to our topic,
 To convert mp4 to mp3 just follow this simple process :Use your file manager, locate the file.Rename it from name.mp4 to name.mp3 (just delete the "mp4" and replace it with "mp3") To convert mp3 to mp4, do this :Using file Manger, locate the fileRename it from mp3 to mp4 ( Yeah, remove the last word "mp3" and type in "mp4")
Yeah that is all you have to do to convert video to audio.
But note that it works only for file that is originally video
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How To Get Dollar Debit card In 10 Minutes For International Transactions In Nigeria

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People who know how to pose with sculptures

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Early preparation is a good approach toward passing any exams,
we @uchehub worked inexhaustibly to ensure easy and better approaches in confronting and improving one performance at examination and that we came up with this nice idea of making free multiple choice question app to assist students play on in preparation for his or her exams.

Maybe you are searching for:
How to pass JAMB 2019.
Download free JAMB CBT.
  However what you type in to arrive here is not time wasted, that is because you arrived at right source

About our Free Jamb CBT APP :Free to download and useNo payment of any kind needed. Works offline.Built-in calculator. Every subject contains hundreds of questions
We ensured error free throughout application development, however we cannot guarantee it, send us your Compliance and Suggestions Here.

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MTN Data Bonus 5gb for N50

Hi, here is the simple way to get amazing 50gb of data for N50 to surf the web!
Mtn 5gb data
Dial *662#

Buy wechat 50
 you will get 5gb data freely
Use *131*4# to check

It selects sim... Goodluck

You can accumulate it once it works for you

The 5gb is normal for almost all  apps(Try opera mini or puffing browser if other Browsers  fails) You can use it on any device /pc

Things everyone should know how to do

Hello 👋  , welcome to uchehub. In this article I will talk about things everyone should know how to do . 
Everyone should have SURVIVAL skills. How to create Fire:   Having a fire is not only an incredible tool for warming your body in addition as your shelter however it can cook food, and boil water. Having a fire is also a big psychological boost for all involved. It provides a sense of security and safety. A fire may also be used as a signaling device if an individual or group is being actively searched for in a rescue kind of situation. a large smoky fire is easily visible from the air and can be seen from far-off. One should carry field expedient fire starting devices however it's always a plus knowing the skills of starting a fire without matches, a lighter or flint. Use small tinder to start with and then add small sticks and twigs until you get a bed of coals going well enough to add some larger logs.
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How To Make Burger Peanut

Hello! Welcome to uchehub, in this post I will be showing you how to make burger peanut. Burger peanut are groundnut or peanut coated with flour, so if you like peanut or groundnut you will definitely like burger peanut.


• 3 cups of natural groundnut
• 3 cups all purpose flour
• 1 cup of sugar
• 3 large eggs
• 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
• 1 teaspoonful flavor
• 1/2 teaspoon of salt

Procedures : 1.

In a bowl measure in your all purpose flour. Add nutmeg for flavor , baking powder and some salt.Mix them together until they are well combined, after mixing set aside.


In another bowl crack in your egg.Add sugar - add up to one cup if you want the peanut to be very sweet.Mix them together with hand whisk. Mix until the the sugar and egg are well blended after mixing set aside.See also how to produce liquid soap 

I. In a bowl measure in raw groundnut; take out bad ones from good ones. You  can use big groundnut or smaller groundnut for making this peanut.
ii. Now sprinkle …