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How confidence shape your future

How many times have you heard people say that to succeed in life you need to have confidence in your own ability? Nothing in life is difficult if you know how to believe in yourself in any situation. Most people have this misconception that confidence is something that is either there or not. It is a natural ability that can’t be inculcated but this is not true. Believing in yourself against all odds is an art.
Everything is controlled and perceived by the mind and if you can train your mind to feel confident, it will always remain like it. The most important thing that defines confidence in an individual is his/her self image. Self esteem plays a crucial role in determining the attitude of an individual towards a situation. It is generally observed that people, who consistently belittle themselves, tend to suffer from lack of confidence.
They are always pessimistic in their view point and are defensive in their approach. This is why it is imperative that people suffering from lack of confidence must take the necessary steps to build up their self esteem. An improved outlook towards life will always bring about opportunities that are rewarding and prosperous. People with high levels of confidence are always challenging themselves and are never bothered by any situation in their lives. The best is that they are not worried about what others are thinking of them and are always focussed on the task in hand. This is what high self esteem can bring you:
• You feel confident about yourself and are willing to try and test new things
• High confidence means high courage, you will never back away from situations that are testing or tough.
• You will become more aware about your personality and perceptions and will always be able to make better decisions both personally and professionally.
• You are always in control of your life; your decisions are not influenced by any external factors or influences.
High self esteem and confidence are virtues that can be enhanced in individuals at any age.  The most easiest and effective way to build confidence and self esteem is self love. Nothing beats self love. No matter what your current circumstance is, you need to love yourself for who you are. If you have a good image of yourself in your own eyes, you will always be in control of your actions. You will trust your judgement and will always feel good about your life.
To love yourself, you first need to release all the negative notions or beliefs you may have about your personality. You need to start doing things you are uncomfortable with. You need to take more control of your life.  The potential in a person is nothing without self esteem or confidence.  Your talent needs the support of your confidence to shine on any platform. People are always bound to react in a defensive mode, when the chips are down, but how they emerge from that given situation depends entirely upon the level of their confidence. So be confident and live your life to the full.


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